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The Zoonoses Issue Synopsis

International Innovation invites you to join researchers from across the globe and publish in this latest themed issue. This special edition will explore the factors associated with the emergence and re-emergence of zoonoses. We will look at the measures in place to address diseases that threaten both food production and public health. Championing zoology and veterinary science, we will also examine the research currently underway that seeks to improve animal health worldwide.


International Innovation publishes global insight and analysis on current scientific research trends, as well as funding and policy issues. Coverage spans the breadth of scientific disciplines, with key focus on the interdisciplinary areas of healthcare, environment and technology.

International Innovation’s primary aim is to make research understandable and discoverable for a broad audience. International Innovation’s specialism lies in bringing clarity from complexity, offering a different and unique forum for the communication and dissemination of publicly- and privately-funded research. We are confident that International Innovation brings research to life in new and exciting ways.

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